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Bouncing off the walls? You Bet!

Spring into wall-to-wall fun at your favourite indoor trampoline park.

No matter your skill level, anyone can enjoy the thrill of leaping through the air.

You’ll find over 225 square meters of Interconnected horizontal and inclined trampolines here.

The advanced section includes an Olympic trampoline surrounded by walls of varying heights to jump from. Our exclusive air-filled “Big-Bag” is a convenient and safe alternative to the typical foam pits.

Trampoline Park - Indoor Fun Cape Town & Durban | be.UP Park
Indoor Climbing Arena - Indoor Climbing Fun | be.UP Park

Indoor Climbing Arena

Flex your agility while having a heap of fun.

The be.UP Park climbing arena features eleven Clip ‘n Climb® never-seen-before climbing challenges, including the Big Cheese, Caving Ladder, Detonator and Stairway to Heaven.

Do you have what it takes to summit them all? If you are UP for a challenge, enter our be.FAMOUS Climbing Competition and take on 33 quests on 11 indoor climbing walls.


Oh, what fun to zipline, climb—and even skateboard—in the sky!

Step into the world of aerial gaming, where you’ll jump, dodge, and compete in an adrenaline-pumping experience like no other!

ALTIGAME® (Altitude-Game) is an indoor aerial play area with zip lines and obstacles to challenge the body and mind. 🤩

It’s the ultimate test of agility and aptitude for all ages. All tickets include access to Trampolines & Kid’s Maze.

Aerial Play Area - Altigame Obstacle Course | be.UP Park
Kid's Maze - Kids Fun And Ziplines | be.UP Park

Kid’s Maze

Enjoy an action-packed adventure in our giant Kid’s Maze.

Our indoor Kid’s Maze keeps the most adventurous children on their toes. There are multiple levels to explore, with dozens of delights around every bend.

The 3-D maze is a network of passages with exciting obstacles that go left, right, up and down.

Slides, roller balls, ramps, swings, a spider towe, a ziplin, and exclusive mini trampolines—the Kid’s Maze has it all!

Toddler Zone

Designed for little ones under 3 years old, our Toddler Zone offers a fantastic play experience with soft play, balls, blocks, toys, and an exciting swing.

The toddler’s area is surrounded by a low boundary, allowing easy access to parents. We keep the toddler zone close to the Kid’s Maze and ball pit, making it easier for parents with young children and toddlers to keep a visual on both. Of course, our trained and attentive crew are always around.

We offer a special toddler time where parents and their tots can access the giant Kid’s Maze on weekday mornings.

Indoor Play Area - Toddler Activities | be.UP Park
Café and Play Area - Coffee | be.UP Park


be.UP Café is an oasis in the heart of the most magical play area for children.

Situated on a mezzanine level in the centre of the fun park, parents have a bird’s eye view of the action while catching a break themselves.

We offer delicious light meals, baked treats, snacks and various hot and cold drinks. Smiles and Wifi are free. 😉

Bring the kids for boundless fun at be.UP Park while you take a beat at be.UP Café.